Young dentists should focus on basic dental sciences; Dr Ayesha Ilyas

Ayesha Ilyas, the young millennial dental graduate from Karachi Medical and Dental College set out to explore her passion for food and blogging.

by Dr Alizey Shahid

Graduated in 2020, Dr Ayesha unique style of writing reaches out to a growing number of Instagram 11k followers on ‘Curlysdayout’, criticising the quality of food and sharing her extraordinary experiences at fine restaurants. Regardless, her interest in social media presences did not affect her love for dentistry.

Dr Ayesha exclaimed, “For many, preclinical years are the most stressful and engages most of their times with books; however, I found a perfect way to de-stress and outshine my individuality. Social Media helped me to understand the importance of digital presences and to use effectively.”

Juggling two professions and tutoring dental students sets a perfect example of women in dentistry and beyond.

Dr Ayesha believes that the best way to learn and progress actively in modern times is through digital sharing. A vast pool of academic information and clinical possibilities are shared daily on social media platforms to guide newly growing dentists. Well known and knowledgeable professionals share their extraordinary cases, which are eye-openers and increases their creditability in the dental community. 

“The experience of social media is priceless, and one should continue to network with talented people so they could review and criticise your work. This way, you will be independent and explore your passion in the particular field.”

Dr Ayesha

However, Dr Ayesha felt that our OPDs, where we are trained, aren’t exactly at par with how the world is revolutionising. Hence, she pointed out that to restrict oneself within the boundaries of the university is not enough to develop one’s personality. She told, “The onus to teach lies with the respective teachers. To teach passionately and correct diligently is a responsibility rarely the designated teacher ever takes. A system of strict accountability must be introduced if the quality of education is to be improved. Most government dental OPDs are crashing with the patient influx with only the undergraduate students and house officers managing dental treatment and diagnosis at their own expense, expertise(or lack of it), time and mostly without the due supervision required and needed!”

Life as a Blogger

Currently, she is associated with multiple local and international brands. Her love for creative writing and food proved a great combination for her to start as a blogger. She spent extensive hours reviewing new places and trying various products to help her viewers select the best for them.  

However, for her, the fascination to pursue dentistry crept through bit by bit. She reports, “I have observed many students including me often faced a dilemma regarding the profession pursued. This is mainly due to the lack of proper career counselling; hence, restructuring the school system is necessary.” 

Advice to all fresher’s

The glamour of social media attracts millions to be part of it, but only a few can sustain it within this field. She recommended, “It is very important for all of us to prioritise what is important. A person should invest all his energy in learning and exploring for developing a better future prospectus. Blogging and social media can be considered secondary to promote oneself that would support their career development later on. Also, please focus on basic sciences, I think we all prioritise dental subjects over them but honestly, they’re equally important! ”

-The author is contributing writer at Dental News Pakistan and can be reached at [email protected]

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