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The agenda for INVEST Digital Health, scheduled for September 21-23, reflects the diverse conversations happening in this sector, from AI to reimbursement to investment trends. Of course, digital health startups will take center stage with three tracks of the Pitch Perfect contest spanning Home Health, Chronic Disease Management and Value-based Care as well as Tech to Improve Payer/Provider Operational Efficiency.

The conference, in collaboration with Medical Alley, attracts
directors through the C suite of healthcare startups, traditional and strategic investors, and more. Here’s a peek at the preliminary agenda:

What’s the Recipe for a Successful Social Determinants Program?
Payers and providers are jumping on the Social Determinants of Health (SDoH) bandwagon and rightly so given the stark health inequities we have seen during Covid. But what does an effective program look like and who’s getting it right?

How to Incorporate Robust Bioethics in AI algorithms
As artificial intelligence and machine learning begin to gain acceptance in healthcare, how do we make sure that implicit bias does not make its way into our algorithms. What standards are out there for ensuring that technology doesn’t make systemic inequality worse?

Where does the Gush of Investment Dollars in Digital Health Go?
Digital Health overall is lush with money from investors. But what sectors within it are attracting capital? Learn from a panel of top healthcare investors.

How has RPM Reimbursement Evolved and Where does it Need to Go?
Medicare’s 2021 final rule contained some significant changes to remote patient monitoring, most notably that pandemic-era coverage of telehealth and remote patient monitoring would continue to be covered. However, there are also certain limitations regarding the types of devices used to monitor patients remotely. Hear from experts about how public and private payers have changed their reimbursement policies and what more needs to be done.

To view the full agenda, click here.

If you’re interested in speaking at the conference, please follow this link to submit your application, specifying the panel on which you would like to participate.

We’re also looking for applicants for the startup pitch contest Pitch Perfect. To view the criteria and apply, click here. The deadline for applications is June 25.

If you’re interested in sponsorship opportunities, contact [email protected]

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