Liva Healthcare announces expansion to German market with in-app health coaching

Copenhagen and London-based healthtech company, Liva Healthcare has announced today that it is bringing its human coaching programmes to Germany to help manage conditions such as type 2 diabetes, obesity, and cardiovascular disease.  

Germany will be Liva’s ninth market, with the company planning to open an office in Berlin. Liva is already operational in Britain, Australia, Ireland, Holland, Belgium, Spain Denmark and Sweden.


The initiative comes off the back of a newly published study conducted by Technical University of Munich which shows that more than half of adults in Germany exercise less than they did a year ago, and people living with obesity have gained as much as 7.2 kilograms on average in the same period.  

Obesity and inactive lifestyle are two of the most common causes of type 2 diabetes. Furthermore, the latest figures from the International Diabetes Federation show over 9.5 million people are now living with diabetes in Germany. 

Liva’s human coaching programmes aim to help people in Germany manage their condition and develop healthier habits by driving positive behavioural change.


In April, Liva Healthcare and Amgen partnered to improve access to cardiac rehabilitation. The two companies were supported by a consortium of EU bodies to co-create a digital telerehabilitation platform.

Earlier this year, Liva raised €24.5 million in a Series B round to drive European leadership in digital chronic disease prevention and management.


Dr med. Philipp M. Schäfer, managing director Germany of Liva Healthcare, said: “Germany has the highest prevalence of diabetes in Europe. More than 15 percent of German adults have diabetes. Considering that we will see further effects of the pandemic in this regard, these numbers are frightening. At the same time, there is a growing interest in innovative and personalised health solutions that can help in the long term.  

“That’s why now is the ideal time to launch Liva in the German market and show how effectively human-centric, digital solutions can be, especially within the prevention and management of chronic diseases.” 

Stephanie Kaiser, expert for digital health solutions, member of the scientific advisory board of Liva and an honorary member of the Digital Council of the Federal Government of Germany, said: “Digital solutions like Liva can help to prevent chronic diseases in Germany. By deliberately linking individual counselling, personal exchange and the extended (digital) arm via a very user-friendly app, Liva becomes a constant companion in patients’ pockets. With this approach, long-term successes are achieved more frequently and the lives of patients are improved in the long term.”

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