Latest AI-powered pharmacy dispensing platform launched in Australia

Pharmacy IT solutions provider Fred IT unveiled on Tuesday a new pharmacy dispensing platform powered by artificial intelligence.


The company says the Fred Dispense Plus platform is an improvement from the widely used Fred Dispense Australia platform.

Among its features, the Fred AID (Artificial Intelligence Directions) tool uses AI and big data to support clinical and business decision making. As it predicts medication directions, the AI tool allows pharmacists to quickly and safely enter directions for dispensing labels through shortcuts instead of manual typing. Another smart tool on the platform can perform pricing comparison.

According to Fred IT, its newest pharmacy dispensing platform enables “safer” dispensing with a new and secure Microsoft SQL local database and integrated MIMS drug interactions. Additionally, it features “faster” electronic prescriptions with embedded My Script List and token management with MedView Flow.


The AI-enabled platform provides pharmacies with “more intuitive dispensing and faster access to clinical decision-making”.

In a statement, Fred IT Group CEO Paul Naismith said AI can never replace pharmacists in making clinical decisions but it can aid to “increase safety and reduce time spent on standard or repetitive tasks, such as keying in medication directions”. This provides more time for pharmacists to support patients with health and clinical advice and manage their business, he added.

The Fred Dispensing Plus has also introduced more enhancements to protect security and access management and reduce cyber risks while providing choices of approved third-party applications directly through the platform.


This launch follows the introduction of Fred IT’s active script list called My Script List that combines a patient’s prescriptions in one digital list. It aids pharmacists in helping their patients identify correct e-prescriptions while eliminating concerns about losing them.

Last year saw the launch of the digital pharmacy Genius Rx that also uses AI to offer a personalised patient experience and smart pricing function.

In 2019, Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust in England expanded its use of robot technology for medicine dispensing after finding through a trial that the initiative frees up time for staff. The PillTime dispensary uses image recognition technology to collate patient medication in sealed pouches, cleared by pharmacy staff.


“We are proud to be the first pharmacy software company in Australia to introduce artificial intelligence to support pharmacists with smarter and more intuitive dispensing,” Naismith said.

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