Everything you need to know about the new generation of fluoride

Everyone understands the effectiveness of fluoride in preventing caries and hypersensitivity. People believe it as a universal fact, that it can treat initial carious lesions as well.

-By Dr Rimsha Qasim

Fluoride remineralizes the tooth structure and decreases the prevalence of caries. The significance of it has made it a compulsory component of dental management. Therefore, researchers are always striving to find ways to render the its application faster, hassle-free, long-lasting, and comfortable for the patient with maximum benefit. Hence, experts introduced a new generation. 

Fluoride toothpaste: 

Sodium Fluoride in toothpaste is an easy way to obtain topical fluoride. However, based on ever-changing research, its formulations keep on changing. Hence, toothpaste brands now have incorporated stannous fluoride stabilized with zinc into their formulations. 

Fluoride varnishes:

On the other hand, Varnishes are more efficient in preventing caries, and they are suitable for all age groups, including children with high caries risk. Varnishes are mostly preferred because they’re easy to handle, and they provide a prolonged exposure time. Most varnishes on the market contain 5% NaF with alcohol and resin-based solution. They also include a resin-based additive like colophony, which provides the stickiness for adherence to the tooth surface.

Duraphat was the first varnish introduced in the market in 1964. Consequently, these resin-based varnishes raised issues of contact dermatitis; the resin also delays its bioavailability. One of the major complaints is that film thickness has been deemed uncomfortable by patients. 

To overcome all these problems, a new formulation, Fluorimax™, has been introduced. It contains 2.5% sodium fluoride and has shown superior fluoride uptake compared to traditional varnishes. In addition, it is a hypoallergenic solution, and its liquid form results in low film thickness and increased bioavailability. Furthermore, it dries quickly and requires only a small amount to function, thus decreasing the risk for ingestion. This new generation of fluorides has kept prime patient experience and low cost at its forefront. 

Fluoride rinses:

Dentists anticipated that the new generation of fluoride rinses with the ability to incorporate soluble calcium salts. This can help retain it in the oral cavity which releases over time, increasing exposure and bioavailability. Slow-release of it has an established profound impact on carious activity. 


Dental professionals should keep an eye out for the new generation of fluoride to provide the best treatment plan to their patients. In addition, experts believe that community service and preventive management will be achieved by using commercially available brands containing optimal levels with improved properties and spreading awareness about their essential nature.

-The author is contributing writer at Dental News Pakistan and can be reached at [email protected]

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