Acutis Fall Webinar, November 14, 2019

The Synthetics, Part II:
Designer Drugs on the Horizon

Led by Dr. Daniela Zaborskis and featuring Senior Researcher, Mumtaz Akhtar

Our Fall Webinar was led by Director of Operations and Senior Scientist, Dr. Daniela Zaborskis and featured Senior Researcher, Mumtaz Akhtar. They provided a review and expert opinion in a discussion on the pharmacological, medical and social implications of designer drugs: kratom and designer benzodiazepines.

The prevalence of these and other drugs constitutes a crisis, which compelled us to hone our understanding of these substances, and to better deliver the most effective diagnoses and care.

The seminar offered:

  • A summary of two types of designer drugs: kratom and designer benzodiazepines

  • A review of the basic pharmacology of these dangerous substances

  • A discussion of the ease of access to and overdose potential
    of these unscheduled compounds


Daniela Zaborskis

PhD, Director of Operations and Senior Scientist


Mumtaz Akhtar
Acutis’ Senior Researcher

These and other relevant areas of interest were illustrated with case studies and specific “take-home” points.

In addition to having the opportunity to participate in an important and focused discussion, participants earned continuing medical education credits.

Colleagues, peers and participants can download the contents
of our Fall Webinar below.



Download • 1.95MB

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